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I still remember scanning the waiting room with skepticism. I felt conflicted about meeting with a therapist. But the ache in my chest pushed me through the doors, and suddenly I was seated across from a pair of warm, inquiring eyes.

The ache came from more than just pain and exhaustion. Courage was mixed in there too, insisting that I no longer wanted to do this alone. I needed solutions.

But together, we uncovered so much more. We came across unexpected clarity, shared tears, trust and shelter, meaningful connection, and lots of humor along the way.

I understand how risky and uncomfortable vulnerability can be.

That’s why I am inspired every time my clients walk through those doors and open their lives up to me. They resolve that finding freedom and growth is worth the plunge. And through my experiences as a therapist and a client, I have come to believe in the power of real talk and deep connection to bring about that freedom and growth.

I have completed advanced training in Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), a highly effective and empirically validated couples therapy model, and utilize this approach in my work with couples. My work with EFT led me to join the EFT Resource Center, a home for EFT therapy services, workshops for couples, public education, and professional training.

I draw from current research in attachment, affective neuroscience, and contemporary relational theories to inform treatment with individuals and families. I also draw from my own ongoing process of transformation thanks to my husband, mentors, colleagues, clients, family and friends from a myriad of cultural contexts.

Most importantly, I draw from my time with you.

Your story is unique. I’m curious about what matters to you most. Wherever you find yourself today, we will start right there.


Jen Lum is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (MFT #100029) at the EFT Resource Center.


M.S. Marital & Family Therapy Fuller Graduate School of Psychology

B.A. Communications
UC San Diego


EFT Resource Center
95 N Marengo
Suite 200
Pasadena, CA 91101


(626) 243-3616

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